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Who we are

We love wine

Take a few moments to learn about our wine and our products. Here we will reveal all the information you need to know and all the specifics you have been eager to learn. Thank you for reading about us section.

Our wine is a product of decade long exploration, discoveries and so much more. As such, the wines we make are something special. We invest a huge amount of money and effort into producing natural wine, storing them as our ancestors did, and delivering them to our customers.

The end result is one wine for us all. The wines are simply something that words will lack to explain. It is always a better choice to test one and see for yourself. All the products we have prepared are available across the world for you and you can have them today.

We only use natural ingredients without any artificial chemicals, additions, or anything else. Our wines are completely healthy, natural, and won’t give you a headache in the morning.



All the grape comes from natural and organic sources. There are no artificial substances of any kind. We guarantee you that.

Traditional storage

Traditional storage

The storage is very important for the wine and something we are fond of. It keeps the wine fresh but also makes sure you get the taste you want.



We hire the best testers in the world and the US to help us produce even better wine if that is possible.



Ingredients are carefully selected for each type of wine and each type comes with special additions and so much more.



Our wines are delivered to the correct address every single time and we guarantee that you will get the product you want and like immediately.

The taste

The taste

The taste is something we are also proud on. Our wines have unique, one of a kind taste that cannot be noticed anywhere else.

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All the wines we make are created with passion, with love, and with the desire to be the best. If you don’t believe us, try one glass and you shall see. The taste and the feeling are amazing, period.

The experts

Behind the glass


Martha Smith


Sara J Butts


Richard C Smith

Storage manager

Janyce S Boehm

Grape expert